Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Easy Colored Eyeliner Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I'm coming to you with a colored eyeliner tutorial! Because sometimes we want blue eyeliner but we don't have a blue liner. So here's the solution! (I do not take credit - got the idea from a Reddit post)

Here are the products you need.
White eyeliner, blue matte eyeshadow, angled eye brush, black liquid liner, and mascara
(NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, WnW I <3 Matte Palette, Sephora Liquid Liner, Maybelline The Falsie Flared)

First you want to start with a bare eyelid and line your upper lash line with the white liner. I did cat eye liner, but a little thicker than usual.)

Then fill in that white with the blue shadow with an angled eye brush.
And then line the blue with a smaller line with black liquid liner.

Then I lined my waterline with the white and using the angled eye brush, filled it in with blue. And added mascara.
That's it! Thanks for reading! :)

Bonus - Ugly picture! Haha

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