Monday, May 26, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review & Swatches

Hey guys! I'm so excited today because I am here to review Urban Decay's Electric Pressed Pigment Palette. This palette consists of 10 pressed pigments that are insanely pigmented and bright and a double ended brush. Before I want to start this review, I have to point out that a few of the shades are not intended for immediate eye area. Those colors include: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban. The reason why you can't use them in your eye area is because they are some of the brighter colors. If you have sensitive eyes, I would not recommend using those colors on your eyelid, or around you eye. But if you do not have sensitive eyes, I believe it would be okay. So lets start reviewing the colors! Starting at the top left, Revolt is a bright silver shade. It has tiny silver specks of glitter which are prone to fall out. If you tap off your brush, it doesn't fall out too bad though. It's one of the rougher shades that are not as smooth, but it has good staying power. The next color is Gonzo which is a matte turquoise with a silver pearl finish. It is very soft and blends beautifully. Slowburn is next and it is an orange red matte, with almost a peachy pearl finish in the pan. On the eye, its a lot more matte and very soft. Next is Savage which is a very hot pink matte, but is one of the drier shades, but still blends okay. The last shade on the top is Fringe which is a metallic teal. It's a great shadow, but one of my least favorites. The first shade on the bottom is Chaos which is a cobalt matte blue. This shade is amazing. It is a little dry, but blends really well. It is definitely an uncommon shade. Jilted is next and it is a bright fuchsia which a blue shift to it. It is very soft and blends well. Next is Urban and it is a bright shimmery grape purple. It has pink undertones and looks really well with green eyes. Next to last is Freak which is a very light green with yellow gold shift. It is one of the softest colors and blends very very well. Finally we have Thrash which is a lime green matte with a gold hue. It is a little dry but still blends on the eye. If you would like to buy this palette, you can for $49 here. Now lets see some pictures!

Top Row

Bottom Row

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Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me, I purchased with my own money. 

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