Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sephora All Access Glam Gold and Silver Eye and Face Palette Review, Pictures, and Swatches

Hey guys! I'm here today with a review of Sephora's All Access Glam palette today. This is a small palette, about the size of my hand, that contains four neutral shades on the left, four smokey eye shades on the right, two blushes on the top, two blushes on the bottom, and a face highlighter in the middle. That's a lot of stuff for such a cheap price, folks! This is one of Sephora's holiday palettes, so it is limited edition. And you may be thinking that this palette is amazing but lets get down to business. The color quality is nowhere near mind blowing. Even with a primer underneath, the swatches were so underwhelming. Another thing is that the blushes are so small that it is very difficult to dip a regular sized blush brush into the pan without getting another color on the edge of the brush. That's really annoying because the blushes are the best thing about this palette. Other than that it is very travel friendly.

On the left side, you have four neutral/gold shadows. This first one is a white shadow with golden sheen. When swatched it looks almost completely matte. There is a slight sheen if you apply it with a stiff brush, but when blended out, the golden shimmer completely wipes away. Really disappointing.  The second color is a gold color. It is a very orangey gold, not a bright cool toned gold which a really like. Again this one in the plan look very shimmery with light golden pearls, but when swatched, it is completely wiped away and you're left with a light orange/gold color. Bleh. The third color is a yellow gold color with a slight sheen to it. When swatched there's very little color. Very very difficult to blend and even show up. In my opinion, one of the worst colors. The last color on the left side is a warm brown with lots of gold shimmer. This is the only color on this side that holds them shimmer when you use it. It does blend okay, but not buttery smooth.

On the right side, you have four smokey/silver eyeshadows. The top shade is a matte cream shadow. Very stiff and no pigment. My other least favorite shadow. The second shade is a taupe gray with silver shimmer. When swatched it is a very cool toned gray with a slight sheen. Nothing silver about it. One of the more better shadows. Still not blown away though. The third shade is the darkest in the palette. In the pan it looks like a dark gray with lots of bright silver glitter. When swatched it takes on an almost brown tone. Very strange. The last color is a bright silver. When swatched it's very shimmer and one of the softer shades.

In the middle you have four blushes and one highlighter. On the top you have two blushes. The left one is a very bronzed dark pink with lots of gold shimmer. You could use this has a bronzer if you have tanner skin, but if you have very light skin like I do, just use it as a blush. The color looks very weird on my skintone, so not my favorite, but the pigment is very smooth. The one next to it on the right is a bright pink. In the pan it has a very slight sheen, but when swatched it's matte. Very smooth, lots of pigment. My favorite part of the palette. On the bottom you have two more blushes. The left one is a coral/orange/pink color. Very different. When swatched it looks quite similar to NARS Deep Throat, but lighter. The right one is a rose toned pink. Nothing special, just a little stiff in the pan. In the middle you have a light golden face highlighter. It almost looks on the bronze side, but when on the skin it's very light and looks gorgeous. The very best part of the palette.

So all in all, I do not like this palette. It doesn't have amazing pigmentation and doesn't blend at all. I was very disappointed, but I will try to use it. If you guys would like to see a tutorial using some of these shades, let me know in the comments! And if you would like to check this out for yourself, you can for $15 here. Let's see some pictures.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me.

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