Saturday, May 30, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review, Pictures, and Swatches

Hey guys! Long time, no see. Sorry about that, I was busy with school. But now it is summer and I am ready to get back into the groove of blogging. Today I am reviewing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette. I'm late to the party on this one, so I hope that's okay. This eyeshadow palette is full of brown neutral shades and a few purple toned ones also. I'll go through each shade individually but I want to give a brief overview. The actual palette is shaped into a chocolate bar and smells like a Hershey's chocolate bar when opened. It smells exactly like their chocolate bronzers, because both are made with cocoa. I think the eyeshadows overall are of nice quality, but nothing amazing. They have great pigmentation but are not buttery like LORAC eyeshadows. Some are on the dry side like Black Forrest Truffle. I think this is a great palette, and if you want to buy this for yourself, you can for $49 here.

Gilded Ganache - A dark brown with an antique gold shimmer. Great pigmentation, very soft.

White Chocolate - A matte beige, with yellow undertones. Is very similar to one of their popular shades called 'Heaven'. It's not very pigmented but makes for a great browbone highlight.

Milk Chocolate - A matte medium warm brown. Good pigmentation. A little stiff in the pan.

Black Forrest Truffle - Burgundy with gold shimmer. Like I said before, this one is dry and not as pigmented as it could be. Also, when swatched, the gold shimmer teems to disappear.

Triple Fudge - A matte dark warm brown. Very soft and great pigmentation. One of my favorites. Easy blendable.

Salted Caramel - A matte peachy orange with undertones of brown. Amazing color when swatched but very powdery.

Marzipan - A peachy rose gold metallic shadow. Great pigmentation. One of my favorites. Love patting this onto the center of the eyelid.

Semi-Sweet - A warm matte medium brown. It is dry and patchy. But it can be buildable.

Strawberry Bon Bon - A matte baby pink. Not very pigmented and stiff in the pan. I use it to blend out the other shades, not just a color by itself.

Candied Violet - A purple shadow with pink shimmer. Oh man do I hate this eyeshadow. When swatched, there is barely anything there. It's just dots of pink shimmer. Nothing like it looks in the pan.

Amaretto - A frosty dark brown with red sheen to it. This is a very buttery shadow with great pigmentation.

Hazelnut - A bronzy brown shimmery eyeshadow. Good pigment, but on the powdery side.

Creme Brulee - A very warm gold. Smooth and good pigmentation.

Haute Chocolate - A dark warm bronze with lots of gold shimmer. Amazing pigmentation and very smooth.

Cherry Cordial - A dark red with hints of purple and silver flecks. Very dry and when swatched, there's not a lot of pigment and fallout with the flecks of silver.

Champagne Truffle - A light pink shimmery eyeshadow. Almost on the frosty side. Very buttery, great pigmentation.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me.

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