Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disney Ariel Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Hey guys! Today I am doing a review of the Disney Ariel Storylook Eyeshadow Palette. It was exclusively available at Sephora, but I think that they have sold out, as it was limited edition. It was $55 that contains 20 eyeshadows each of which are 0.035 oz in size. It comes in a hard cardboard case and with a tray inside that is lined in velvet. The great thing about this palette is that you can remove the eyeshadows from the tray and reuse it for jewelry or other things like that. It has a large range of colors that all have names that have to do with The Little Mermaid. The eyeshadows range from mattes, shimmers, velvet, satin, and frosty textures. 

Okay now onto the fun part! Pictures and swatches!


  • Blue Lagoon - Bright blue with silver shimmer
  • Scuttle - Frosty champagne
  • Flounder - Pale peach (matte)
  • Sebastian - Matte coral (My personal favorite)
  • Flotsam - Dark blue with silver shimmer

  • Sea Shells - Frosty Ivory
  • Les Poisson - Shimmery beige
  • Caspian Sea - Shimmery Teal
  • Your Voice - Frosty white with iridescent purple shimmer
  • Unfortunate Soul - Matte Purple

  • Altantica - Frosty Green
  • Fins - Green with gold glitter
  • Sick of Swimmin' - White with purple and blue iridescent shimmer
  • Ursula - Shimmery dark purple
  • Sha La La - Matte Magenta
  • Triton - Warm gold shimmer
  • Wandern' Free - Shimmery Copper
  • Jetsam - Dark Teal Shimmer
  • Sea Witch - Shimmery Purple
  • Treasures Untold - Pale Ivory with Shimmer
More pictures! Haha I love this palette

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me. I (sadly) purchased with my own money.

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