Friday, August 16, 2013

First Impression - Revlon Nearly Naked Powder

Hey guys! Today I am doing a really quick first impression on Revlon Nearly Naked Powder. I tried to do this quickly because I need to finish some homework because school starts Monday! At least for me. But I wanted to put a blog post out, so I tried out this product for the first time. I purchased this in the color 020 Light which is 2nd lightest color. For $10 you get 0.28 oz, a tiny mirror, and a super cute powder pad. The product itself doesn't have a ton of coverage but that's pretty much the point. Throughout the day, I did become oily around my nose of forehead and had to reapply. I wouldn't wear this if I knew I was going to be out on a hot day, but I will wear it in the fall/winter. The packaging is super bulky but you do get a small mirror in the lid which is nice. I used this powder with Make Up Forever Matt Velvet + foundation and my skin looked very natural which I loved. I do enjoy this product, but not for the summer.

Picure timeeee!

Without powder

With powder (Only on my left side/ your right side haha)

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me. I purchased with my own money.

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