Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Apply Winged Eyeliner - The Basics

Hey guys! I'm starting a new series called the basics. It will be all the basic things you need to know about makeup and how to apply it. I will make a master post that has all of the links to all of the tutorials when I have a few. There are many different ways to apply eyeliner but this is the way I do it most of the time. You can use different products also. I'm using a pen style eyeliner but you can use pencil, gel, liquid, etc... So let's get started!

First start with a clean eye and prime it with eyeshadow primer.

You can use any eyeshadow color you want but today I used a color that is close to my skin tone just to even out the eyelid. Then I used a light warm brown to define the crease.

Now I take my eyeliner and make a small thin line going towards the end of my brow. It makes sense in the picture.

Then I lightly drag the eyeliner towards my lashes make a small triangle.

And I fill it in.

Then I add mascara and I'm done!

Thanks for reading!

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