Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BeautyBlender Review

Hey guys! I'm here with a review of BeautyBlender sponge (the pink one). This product is a sponge that you use to put on your cream makeup. Most people use it for their foundation. But you can also use to to blend cream products like bronzer and highlighter and you can also use the pointed end to apply concealer in your under-eye area. The amazing thing about this product is that it makes your makeup seem flawless. My foundation looks perfect. And it's insanely easy to use. First you wet it under the sink faucet and squeeze the excess water out, then I pump a little foundation to the back of my hand and use the wider end of the sponge and dip it in the puddle and use a 'stippling' method to apply to my face. I wouldn't drag the sponge across your face. I would recommend cleaning it at least once a week, but I clean my every 3 days. I don't have the liquid or solid cleanser made specifically for this product, so I use baby shampoo. It works fine. You do have to store this carefully so it will dry evenly because some people have had their grow mold. After I apply foundation I prop it on the contain it comes in (point side up) and when I get home I turn it upside down (pointy side down) and in the morning it should be dry! If you would like to purchase this product you can here. Now for some pictures!

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Disclaimer - This product was not sent to me.

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